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Anderson Kilts Launch Three New Outfits For 2019

New Year brings new outfits to Anderson Kilts The dawning of a new year inevitably leads to looking to the future and making plans for the year ahead. Here at Anderson Kilts, we have been very busy doing this recently. Whilst looking to the future, we have also been looking back at our history. This year marks our 165th year in business, so we have decided to celebrate with several new hire outfits. These new outfits give a nod to our history and roots but with a modern feel. So, let's take a look at them! The 1854 Collection This new collection celebrates 165 years of Andersons as a business. Established in 1854, Andersons started as a drapery business in...

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The Beginner's Guide To The Sporran

What is a sporran I hear you ask? Well, quite simply it is a purse. That is its translation from Gaelic. For those not too keen on the term 'purse', it is an essential piece of kit for a garment which has no pockets. It is functional as well as decorative. In days gone by it would have been home to all sorts; coins, valuables, even oats and onions! These sporrans would mainly have been a functional item, primarily made from animal skins. Nowadays, the sporran is more likely to house credit cards, phones & fags! With regards to materials used to make them, anything goes! Leather, fur, horse hair: even vegan friendly materials! Sporrans fall into four categories:- Day...

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