Alteration and tailoring of kilts, jackets, and trousers.
We offer an in-house alteration service should you need your kilt, jacket or trousers adjusted.
Please bring in your garment and we can advise on what can be done, together with the costs involved and timescales to complete the work.
For the most common repairs the costs are as follows:
Kilt Repairs
  • Moving buckles and straps £15. Ideal for small adjustments to waist (please note replacement straps and buckles cost extra if required).
  • Partial kilt remake £195.  Adjusting aprons and pleats where appropriate. Includes replacement of canvas & lining where necessary. Suitable for larger adjustments to the waist.
  • Shortening kilt – A simple hem can be put on the kilt from £20. The kilt can be professionally shortened and cut from the top – this costs £225
  • Dry cleaning is available as an optional extra for £15. We shall, however, press your kilt for free prior to collection.
Kilt Jacket/ Waistcoat Repairs
  • Shorten sleeves £20 (there may be a supplement for gauntlet cuffs)
  • Take in the jacket at the sides £25
  • Chip shoulders on jacket £30
  • Take in waistcoat at sides £20
  • Shorten/lengthen trousers £10
  • Take in/let out waistband £15
Please note that there is no alteration charge for the tailoring of new garments purchased.
Smaller repairs can be completed in a few days but allow up to 4 weeks for the partial remake of a kilt. This particularly applies during the busy summer months so we recommend bringing your garment during the autumn and winter months if you need the work done quickly.